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Beehive Radio was plagued by harassment from weapon wielding thugs dispatched by authorities that shall remain nameless. Individuals dressed in police and military uniform looted the home of the station owner, Mr. Mam Sonando, the Beehive Radio Station itself and offices at the following address: China Town Hotel No. 46, St. 214, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. In the aftermath, the Royal Government promised to compensate Mam Sonando for the damage incurred during the incident in the amount of $70,000 USD. But to date, no one penny has been received.

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The Royal Government took action to suspend the license of Beehive Radio and forced it to shut down its operations and cease its broadcasts due to its report of spontaneous mass popular demonstrations taking place after the announcement of the results of the 1998 national elections. The Royal Government accused Mam Sonando of causing insurrection.

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